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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

One of our dentists will give your teeth and gums a thorough examination to spot any issue you may have. If treatment such as a filling is needed then another appointment will be arranged to carry out the work. You may also be referred to one of our dental hygienists to receive a scale and polish.

Most people should see their dentist and hygienist for a regular cleaning and check-up every 12 months. If you smoke, have gum disease or weak teeth these are a few of the factors that might make more frequent visits necessary. Your dentist will be able to advise you.

We welcome all patients and want each visit to be as pleasant as possible. If you are nervous make sure that we know, so that we can help you. Tell us what it is that you particularly dislike about dental treatment and, if you think you know the reason, tell us what may have caused your fear. Then we can do everything possible to relax and reassure you.

Years ago it was normal for people to need fillings every time they went to the dentist, but things have changed for the better now. Fluoride toothpastes have made a large impact on tooth decay and you may be surprised at how little treatment you may need.

The aim now is for healthy mouths to stay healthy. Teeth are for life and can last a lifetime if they are looked after properly. If you can get your mouth into good shape, with the help of the dentist and dental hygienist, you should need less treatment and there will be less for us to do in the future.

Once your mouth is healthy, your visit to the practice will often just be easy sessions for checking and cleaning.

Listening to music is a good way to help you relax. We have music playing in the treatment rooms and in the waiting room, but if you wish you can bring you own personal stereo so that you can have your own choice of music.

In this way you can concentrate on your music or anything else you like to listen to – and will not hear the sounds of the treatment. You will be able to distance yourself from the dental treatment as the sounds in your ears take all your attention.

Agree with the dentist a sign that means, “stop”. Usually, you can just raise your hand, and the treatment can be stopped for a few minutes until you are ready to start again. Once you know that you can control the situation you will feel more confident.

Prior to your treatment being carried out you will be given an estimate. The payment will be required at the end of your treatment when the final amount will be known.

You may pay by cash or credit card.

If you should need to cancel your appointment for any reason we require 24 hours’ notice. This enables us to make alternative arrangements – for example to fit in a patient in pain.

If you do not attend your appointment and do not give the clinic 24 hours’ notice, there will be a charge of £30.00 per 30 minutes.

Children and non-paying patients (exempt patients) do not pay for their dental treatment.

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